Mission / Vision

The Founders of Chattels Real, LLC have extensive knowledge in the Real Estate arena. Between the partners, there is 20+ years in Real Estate Investing (Commercial and Residential). Prior to forming the company, the owners excelled in the Engineering and Optical services field.

The company has aligned itself strategically with a number of allies. Discovery Federal Credit Union, Affinity Bank & Susquehanna Bank serves as the Financial Lender; The Good Life Financial Group serves as the Financial Planner; RIG Financial Solution serves as the credit counselor, and Hoffert, Huckabee & Weiler serves in the Legal Department.

The premiere least-to-own company was founded on ethics. Our aim is to provide impeccable service to our clients. Our staff and consultants are knowledgeable, competent, courteous, reliable, and responsive. Chattels Real, LLC customizes each contract to suit the clients' needs. The client is able to choose a tailored program, such as the length of the lease, a flexible purchase option, as well as, possible rent credits.

Chattels Real, LLC has the experience and resources to develop creative solutions that align with a client's situation. The lease-to-own program allows the client the exclusive right to purchase the property in the future at a pre-agreed upon price. Our expertise in the real estate market enables us to obtain the lowest sale price, consequently, passing that savings on to the prospective buyer.

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Experience in Solutions
As founders of Chattels Real, LLC , we have so much to be proud of. We are creating an amazing heritage and increasing our strength in innovative Real Estate –based investing. We are developing breakthrough strategies and techniques in home purchase financing—from cash type investments to creative Seller Financing techniques that transform the practice of typical home purchasing.

At Chattels Real, LLC , client-benefit in home purchasing, financing, and investing are at the heart of everything we do. We make a difference for our clients by focusing all areas of our business on enabling better client outcomes and finding innovative solutions to unmet client needs.

The responsibility to protect our strong reputation sits with each and every one of us. We all have the duty to help our partners grow in a thriving fashion every day and to focus on succeeding in the right way. Our culture is built on a strong foundation of ethical values and upholding these values is critical to our success.

We aspire to be the most respected and successful assisted home purchasing company. We know that this means a lot to each of our clients.

Our Commitment to You
Our code of commitment is based around 5 core principles, each one relating to one of our key stakeholders:

1. Our Clients – Client benefit and success is at the heart of everything we do.

The success of each and every one of these clients is of utmost importance to us. This is why ensuring product quality and financial success is so critical, from credit repair and debt reduction through to the purchasing and eventually owning their very own home. Our commitment to the success of our clients is critical to our ability to act responsibly, always in the best interest of our clients. All our clients are to be treated fairly, equally and respectfully.

2. Our Business Associates – We treat our associates fairly and respectfully.

We offer opportunities for our associates to develop, grow and continuously improve individual skills to strengthen the competencies of Chattels Real, LLC as a whole.

We know that it is our associates who make us what we are. That is why Chattels Real, LLC seeks to invest in our associates, supporting and developing their talents in whatever way we can – be it on the job training, courses on leading edge Real Estate Investing, attendance at Real Estate conferences, or leadership courses for our leaders. We want our associates to take pride in working at Chattels Real, LLC, and to enjoy the experience, whatever your level within the organization.

All our associates are to be treated fairly, equally and respectfully.

3. Our Investors – We are committed to outstanding and sustainable performance with integrity.

Chattels Real, LLC's commitment to our investors goes beyond a written fiduciary obligation. Our commitment means utilizing our skills as a real estate operator to preserve investor capital, produce income, and achieve capital appreciation. This takes more than just buying quality homes in all types of markets. It requires in-depth knowledge of the operation and management of each individual asset so every property realizes its full potential. Chattels Real, LLC often internalizes property assessment responsibilities in order to ensure control, improve occupancy, and increase cash flow, and thereby create long term value.

Investor commitment also means effective and timely communication with our investors.

4. Our Business Partners – We strive to be a trusted Real Estate investment partner.

Our code of conduct is to ensure a shared commitment with all of our business partners, including Real Estate agents, brokers, investors, title companies, closing agents, insurance agent, financial lenders, credit counselors, financial planners, legal counsel, etc. This code is of utmost importance to Chattels Real, LLC and embodies our commitment to our partners as well as the communities we are called to serve. Adherence to the commitment of moral and business integrity, the exclusive focus and commitment to the success of all clients that go through our homeownership program, by those who seek to do business with us is a prerequisite for establishing or continuing a relationship with our company.

At Chattels Real, LLC , we actively seek business associations with those who share our values. We believe that by working together to see these standards enforced, our company and business partners can help achieve a genuine improvement in the lives of working people in the communities in which they live. This mission has been a guiding principle of our company for more than 5 years and it will guide us in the future and take precedence over any economic or business interests.

5. Our Community - We aspire to be a company that gives back to our community.

At Chattels Real, LLC , we believe in a philosophy of giving back to communities we operate in. We know we can make the greatest impact on our communities by supporting causes that are important to our customers right in their own neighborhoods. Our aim is to help organizations and individuals create positive change every day.

Chattels Real, LLC 's Code of Conduct:

• Underscores our aspiration to be the most respected and successful assisted home purchasing and credit assisting company

• Is at the heart of our performance and key to our success

• Is relevant to all of us; everyone, everyday, everywhere.


What are the features and benefits for opting for a lease-to-purchase contract?

Opting for a lease-to-purchase agreement will allow you, the client, to rebuild your credit, have the benefit of building equity in your home as you lease, experience a hassle-free transaction, as well as, receive down payment assistance upon purchase of the property.

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