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Benefits of Lease Purchase / Lease to Own Homes for Potential Buyers

Chattel Real's goal revolves around assisting prospective tenants and/or buyers to achieve their dream of homeownership without the complexities associated with bank financing or bank qualifying.

The highlights and benefits of the lease-to-own program are as follows:

Structured Lease Purchase Contracts
A lease purchase agreement gives the client the exclusive right to buy the property at a pre-agreed upon price in the future. The client is considered the "homeowner." Thus, he/she is responsible for maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.

Monthly Payments
Monthly payments are calculated at $100 - $120 per $10,000 of the purchase price. For example, a $150,000 home would equate to approximately $1,650 per month. The monthly payment may be more than prevailing rents and may be more than a conventional mortgage.

Upfront Cost
With Chattel Real's Lease-To-Own Program, you would pay the first month's lease and an option consideration fee for purchase. The option fee is 100% refundable upon refinance of the property. Thus, the total move-in cost is up to 20% of the purchase price depending on the method of purchase of the selected home.

Ability to Secure Housing for a Variety of Individuals
All applicants will be approved at the sole discretion of Chattels Real, LLC.

Rent Credit Options Available
Chattels Real, LLC's Lease-To-Own Homeownership Program allocates a portion of your lease payment (typically 0.083%/month of Purchase Price) as a credit towards your eventual purchase of the property. For example, a $150,000 home would equate to approximately $125 per month. This can be approximately equal to or better than the Principal portion of an amortized mortgage loan. The rent credit is applied if the lease payment is received by Chattels Real, LLC on or before the due date (typically the 1st of the month). Payments received after the first will not have a rent credit for that particular month.

Fast, Efficient, No Hassle Transactions
Every situation is different. Contracting a lease-to-own agreement, from start to finish could vary in time, depending on the limitations that the client places on their home-seeking requirements as well as the method of purchase of the selected home. Chattels Real, LLC commonly moves clients into homes within 45 days after home selection and acceptance of Purchase Agreement by Seller. However, if the client prefers to take his or her time to find a perfect opportunity, there is no pressure from Chattels Real, LLC.

Credit Repair Assistance
Before the client actually purchases the property, he/she will have 12 to 36 months to repair his/her credit. Chattels Real, LLC s' consultants can provide credit counseling services to the prospective buyers.

Home Improvement Options
The company seeks tenant-buyers who want to experience the benefits of homeownership and are willing to invest in the property in order to increase the value. Building a deck, adding a fence, painting the interior, and landscaping the yard will add value to the home and boost the property's equity.

Flexible Lease Options
The prospective client can secure a 12, 24, or 36 month lease option. At the end of the lease agreement, the client has the option to extend the lease or purchase the property. However, the client can purchase the property at any point prior to the expiration of the contract.

Ability to Select the House of Your Dream
The client is encouraged to buy in a neighborhood where the property value will increase steadily. Chattels Real, LLC invests in you as much as we invest in the home.

Referral Program
You can receive a finder's fee if you recommend a client to Chattels Real, LLC. If he/she elects to contract with Chattels Real, LLC, upon signing the lease, we will send you the referral fee.


What are the features and benefits for opting for a lease-to-purchase contract?

Opting for a lease-to-purchase agreement will allow the client to rebuild his/her credit, have the benefit of building equity in your home as you lease, experience a hassle-free transaction, as well as, receive down payment assistance upon purchase of the property.


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