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Selling a Home - How It Works

We can enable you to receive a fair market price for your home.

We can help you in Debt Relief! How much longer can you continue making mortgage payments on a 2nd house, or a vacant house? Wouldn't it be nice if someone else made your mortgage payments for you? You can increase the chances of selling your home with our homeownership program instead of continuously losing cash on your vacant property.

We can enable you to move on from your property and lose all the hassles of trying to sell it.

We work with Realtors. If your property is already listed, we can still Lease Purchase your house. Don't cancel your listing. Give us a call and we can explain how we work with Realtors.

Chattels Real can offer multiple creative plans in selling your property. There is always a strong demand for homes that are selling in flexible or creative ways.

We carefully pre-screen all our applicants for you. We run a complete background check, verify paychecks and employment, etc. Our mortgage broker reviews all our applications and tells us if he thinks they will be able to get a mortgage in 12 months or less. If they can't, they are not accepted into our program.

Our Tenant Buyers work closely with our Mortgage Broker in their Credit Repair Program during the Lease Purchase period. We don't just put a tenant-buyer in your house, forget about them and walk away. We actually work with the tenant-buyers and hold their hands throughout the Lease Purchase period to help them repair their credit and get permanent financing.


What is a lease-to-purchase contract?

A lease purchase goes by many names such as "rent to own" and "lease with an option to purchase." The definition is: A Lease Purchase is a Rental (or Lease) and a Purchase Agreement combined (and sometimes split) with the ability or right to purchase or control specific terms of an agreement while the real estate is being rented.


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